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Sustainable electricity and thermal energy from landfill gases.

With the ECOMAX® Landfill Gas line, AB offers a series of solutions to transform the controlled storage of waste into electrical and thermal energy, to be used directly on site or to be transferred to the network.

A renewable energy source is thus born from the waste stored in landfills, which feeds the cogeneration plants. Thanks to a calorific value that averages between 3.5 and 5.0 kWh / Nm³, landfill gas is in fact a good fuel for internal combustion engines.

The resulting energy efficiency represents a significant competitive advantage for the company that decides to use this technology. In fact, in the average life of a landfill, one million tons of waste can produce 1.7 to 2.5 million m³ of methane.

The ECOMAX® Landfill Gas line is the reference for all companies that want to seize this opportunity, thanks to a modular range of plants with power from 300 kW to 1,500 kW.

ECOMAX NEXT® Landfill Gas

AB's multidisciplinary teams have designed ECOMAX NEXT® Landfill Gas based on the combination of specialist know-how and the industrial development of the product: a compact, versatile and modular landfill gas cogeneration solution, at the forefront of energy efficiency.

Easy configuration, which meets the needs of all markets

Ease of transport and installation

Time and risk optimization in the installation and commissioning phase

Interconnection with existing plant systems

Availability of service assistance even in difficult situations

SILEX siloxane removal system

The biogas produced in landfills contains pollutants, such as siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which, as a result of combustion inside the engine, cause oil contamination and the deterioration of pistons and cylinder heads, forcing continuous maintenance work to the plant.

SILEX removes the harmful components from the biogas before it reaches the engine, thus minimizing maintenance operations, improving operation and reducing downtime. The plant thus works longer, producing more electricity, consuming less oil and optimizing the availability of biogas.

Discover all the details of the product in the 3D rendering video

View the technical details of ECOMAX® cogeneration systems

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