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The ideal solution for the efficiency of energy-intensive structures.

Suitable for many industrial, tertiary and service sectors, cogeneration responds effectively to the needs of energy-intensive realities, characterized by high consumption of heat and electricity.

In fact, a cogeneration plant simultaneously produces electricity and thermal energy from a single energy source inside an integrated system. This is why we use the phrase combined heat and power.

Therefore, using the same fuel (natural gas) to generate two energy carriers (electricity and heat) makes it possible to increase the effective use of the source fuel up to 85%, with the resulting reduction in energy costs and CO₂ emissions, compared to the separate production of electricity and heat.

The use of the heat generated during the process, which would otherwise be lost, allows cogeneration to obtain the highest levels of energy efficiency and performance, with the advantage of being able to manage energy production continuously, reliably and safely.


ECOMAX® Natural gas

How a cogenerator works

A cogeneration plant consists of an Otto cycle engine, powered, in this case, by natural gas, which produces mechanical energy that is conveyed through an alternator to generate low voltage electricity, which is then transformed into medium voltage electricity.

Heat recovery takes place on two fronts:

  • from the engine cooling water, using a plate-type heat exchanger that allows obtaining high-temperature water;

  • from the flue gas fumes, which, being close to 400°, can be used to produce hot water, superheated water, steam or diathermic oil through a boiler, or be used pure in the process.

Energy produced

Electric power

to be sold to the network

Thermal energy

for the production of:

  • hot water

  • superheated water

  • steam

  • diathermic oil

  • cold water (CCHP)

Technologies and operating process of a cogenerator


Efficiency measures


Firstly, the simultaneous production of electricity and heat allows a reduction of over 30% in the consumption of raw energy sources, bringing the total efficiency of the process to 85%. Since the energy produced will be used mainly by the company that produces it, transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity circulates on normal electricity networks are also avoided.



Cogeneration from natural gas allows a significant commitment towards protecting the environment: the greater efficiency of the energy production process leads to less CO₂ and greenhouse gas emissions, with a consequent reduction in the environmental impact.



Cogeneration is an ideal solution for areas that are frequently affected by blackouts or with low performance or non-widespread networks. Thanks to the insulated operation, it is possible to produce energy independently and to guarantee a continuous supply to facilities, such as hospitals, where interruptions could result in serious problems.



The economic advantage guaranteed by the natural gas cogeneration leads to a substantial saving on fuel bills thanks to the use of less source fuel, in addition to producing proprietary energy on site, to which economic incentives are added in many Countries.

Sectors of application

Thanks to the guarantee of energy efficiency and economic savings, CHP represents a concrete opportunity for many industrial and commercial sectors.
  • Airports

  • Ceramic and brickwork industry

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Data processing centers

  • Engineering companies

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Greenhouse

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Textile industry

  • Paper mills

  • Plastic industry

  • Shopping centers

  • Universities

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