26 Luglio 2016

ADBA launches a Best Practice Scheme for AD plants

The ADBA has launched the Best Practice Scheme on July 6, 2016.
It is an industry-led initiative which aims to support the AD industry in the UK to improve operational, environmental and health & safety performance. ADBA is leading this project, working closely with industry stakeholders, including operators, developers, consultants, suppliers, insurers, regulators and other trade bodies related to the sector.

Why a Best Practice Scheme
Firstly, the biowaste treatment sector, of which AD is a part, experiences a higher number of pollution incidents than other regulated sectors. Further to this, there have been some high profile incidents, some involving serious plant failure and resulting pollution. This unfortunately damages the reputation of the entire industry, even though they are isolated and rare.
Similarly, the insurance sector is keen to see improvements in both environmental and health & safety risk management at AD plants, and funders would like clear criteria through which they can assess projects.
Beyond this, the scheme will consider how to help the industry improve operational performance, in particular energy generated and digestate quality. Operators, engineers, technology suppliers and developers are constantly seeking ways to optimise their performance. Through the scheme, ADBA hopes to reflect developments in the industry, provide information on how plants and suppliers can improve and help them overcome the key barriers to good performance.

The two steps of the project
1. Develop Best Practice Checklists, which sets out how to achieve best practice in key aspects of operating AD plants and highlight existing tools, guidance and legislation that can contribute to best practice. Three checklists have been published, covering risk management, procurement and operational performance.
Find out more on the ADBA website.

2. Launch a Best Practice Certification Scheme, which defines best practice and enables AD plants to be recognised as meeting it. It will be launched in 2017 and is essential to ensuring that regulators, insurers and investors have confidence in the scheme, allowing the industry to realise the full range of potential financial and regulatory benefits of signing up.

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