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AB is your one-stop shop and partner that ensures you see all the benefits of your RNG production.

With AB, you create a complete and sustainable energy system, capable of combining biogas-to-RNG upgrading with cogeneration, liquefaction to BioLNG, and even CO₂ liquefaction. All covered and supported by a complete range of services - from feasibility to maintenance.



At the heart of the system is BIOCH4NGE ®

BIOCH4NGE ®, the solution for biogas-to-RNG upgrading,  is designed for a broad range of applications and sizes. We offer standardized solutions ranging from 150 to 2,500 Nm 3 /h (100 to 1,550 scfm), all containerized and modular for ease of installation. Pre- and post-treatment solutions can be integrated within existing biogas plants. Customized solutions further enhance our portfolio, extending the range, further improving efficiencies, or addressing individual site requirements

ECOMAX ® cogeneration plants, in combination with BIOCH4NGE ®, can create a complete energy system. ECOMAX ® produces electrical and thermal energy from a flexible fuel source, using either biogas, natural gas, or any combination. This can power the entire plant efficiently and sustainably, as well as offer flexible options for future clean energy outputs.

Discover all the details of the product in the 3D rendering video

Every company and project in the agricultural and livestock sector is unique, and AB understands this.

We provide each endeavor with tailor-made services that guarantee your plant’s longevity and optimal performance over time. AB Service provides assistance and maintenance to keep plants running: we have over 300 specialists operating all over the world, ready to act 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The operating availability of plants backed by AB Service typically exceeds 97% uptime.

AB: One-stop shop for RNG



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