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AB is the only one-stop shop able to provide all the technologies for creating a complete and sustainable energy system

BIOCH4NGE, the AB solution for upgrading biogas-to-biomethane, is completed by a series of options that include biogas pre-treatments which are necessary in the case of anaerobic digestion of matrices particularly loaded with unwanted compounds, biomethane post-treatments preparatory to the network feed-in and other ancillary accessories for the plant’s operation.

Combined with the liquefier CH4LNG, BIOCH4NGE can produce a quality gas suitable for liquefaction and transport by road as an alternative to the network feed-in. Finally, to power the entire system, AB offers a wide range of ECOMAX cogeneration solutions.

Compressed or liquid biomethane?


In CONFIGURATION A the final product is compressed biomethane, which can be fed into the grid or used on-site.

CONFIGURATION A: Discover all the details of the product in the 3D rendering video

Compressed or liquid biomethane?


In CONFIGURATION B , thanks to the addition of CH4LNG ®, liquefied biomethane is obtained, which has a density three times higher than that of compressed natural gas, which ensures greater ease of transportation and a greater efficiency when used as fuel

Every company in the agricultural and livestock sector has its own needs, which AB knows how to interpret.

It provides each one with tailor-made services that guarantee a long life to the investment and optimal performance over time. The assistance and maintenance of our plants is provided by AB Service: over 300 specialists operating all over the world, ready to intervene 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hours of operating availability of our plants average over 95%, with peaks of over 98%.

AB: One-stop shop for biomethane


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