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AB, the only partner for biomethane

AB is the only provider to guarantee your company all the benefits of biomethane.

With AB, in fact, you can create a complete and sustainable energy system, combining cogeneration, biogas upgrading technologies, biomethane, and CO₂ liquefaction, supported by a complete range of services: from the feasibility study to maintenance.


ECOMAX® Biogas

All AB solutions for biomethane

BIOCH4NGE®, the technology offered by AB, is based on a membrane system, characterised by flexibility, scalability, and low energy consumption for a real competitive advantage.

Combined with the CH4LNG liquefier, BIOCH4NGE® can produce a quality gas suitable for liquefaction and transport by road as an alternative to feeding into.

To power the entire system, AB offers a wide range of ECOMAX® cogeneration solutions

In support of the plant, the CO₂ liquefier

In support of the plant, AB also makes available DISCO2VERY, the CO₂ liquefier which allows to purify and liquefy gas rich in carbon dioxide coming from the BIOCH4NGE® system, in order to obtain liquid CO₂ suitable for food and industrial use.

Compressed or liquid biomethane?


In CONFIGURATION A the final product is compressed biomethane, which can be fed into the grid or used on-site.

CONFIGURATION A: Discover all the details of the product in the 3D rendering video

Compressed or liquid biomethane?


In CONFIGURATION B , thanks to the addition of CH4LNG ®, liquefied biomethane is obtained, which has a density three times higher than that of compressed natural gas, which ensures greater ease of transportation and a greater efficiency when used as fuel

The benefits of the AB approach

Integrated solution supplied by a single provider

Centralisation self-consumption; Unique control system; Perfect integration of the different subsystems.

Minimisation of risk

Minimisation of risk due to interfaces between varied equipment from different manufacturers, technologies not natively compatible and different suppliers.


Control of prefabrication, supply, installation and start-up times

AB: One-stop shop for biomethane



One Stop Shop

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