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Regenerative thermaloxidisers (RTO) for after-treatment of waste gases

Biogas upgrading technologies never reach 100% efficiency, therefore CO₂ separated as off-gas always contains traces of methane, often in a concentration higher than that permitted.

For the combustion of residual methane contained in the off-gas, regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) provides a sustainable and economically advantageous solution, suitable for the combustion of streams containing volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Allows the treatment of off-gas from the biogas upgrading process that uses only two stages of membranes for the separation between methane and CO₂ and where the residual methane quantity can reach up to 5-7%. It consists of three thermal recovery chambers and a combustion chamber. The three recovery chambers, filled with structured ceramic material, work cyclically to achieve heating and subsequent cooling with an average energy recovery efficiency of 92%.

RTO for industrial emissions

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are the ideal solution for the abatement of volatile organic substances present in industrial emissions.
The heat recovery efficiency of RTOs can reach up to 94%, drastically reducing the consumption of support fuel and, consequently, the plant’s operating costs.



They guarantee a very high purification efficacy of VOCs and odor emissions from sulfur compounds.

Reduction of consumption

Regenerative thermal oxidizers have a very high heat recovery efficiency (> 94% R.E.T. Delta T° 50°C).

Cost effectiveness

Regenerative thermal oxidizers require low management and maintenance costs.


As well as a long duration of the plant, thermal regenerative oxidizers guarantee operational continuity, even in severe operating conditions.


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