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22 czerwca 2021

Amadori’s choice of cogeneration stands as further proof that the most dynamic food industry companies search for concrete, readily implementable, and tested solutions to reduce their operation costs and improve their energy efficiency.


With six state-of-the-art plants, the Amadori Group is one of Europe’s most important names in the poultry industry. Amadori relies upon a well integrated production chain which guarantees the origins of raw materials and control over entire production cycle.


All of the Amadori Group’s six production plants give great consideration to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Amadori’s “green economy” philosophy includes an energy efficiency approach that uses cogeneration as its primary applied technology. Amadori has chosen to partner with AB to bring its needs and expectations to fruition.


The Cesena factory is an ‘energy hub’ that includes a thermal power station fitted with two natural gas cogeneration systems (of 3 and 4 MW respectively).

Integration of a thermal plant and two cogenerators ensures high energetic yield and better distribution of the thermal vector.

The high efficiency of this new energy hub allows saving about 3,600 TOE (Tonnes of Oil Equivalent), corresponding to about a reduction in CO₂ emission of about 10,000 t/year, equal to a PES (Primary Energy Saving) greater than 20%.

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