15 April 2015

The Biogas Channel: The international benchmark of the industry has a completely renewed and improved web platform

Two years after its debut, the Biogas Channel–the first and only web video channel dedicated to the global spread of biogas culture–has been completely renewed to become even more content-rich, international and convenient to enjoy. Italy continues to be a world leader in technology and in the installation of biogas plants; for this reason, this “Made in Italy” tool , in its new version, has become even more important as a global benchmark for the sector. The interactive channel designed for the global market, was created and edited by AB Group in Orzinuovi, an industry leader across the globe. On the wave of success since its launch in May 2013, which propelled it to become a catalyst for an entire chain of activity (more than 600 videos produced and visits from all five continents), the Biogas Channel has been completely renovated. Starting on Wednesday, 15 April, it will be even more industry specific, content-rich, interesting and convenient to enjoy. The Biogas Channel continues to address the issues related to biogas in all its applications. In addition to the agricultural and livestock sectors that have experienced significant growth in recent years, the new channel now gives special attention to other fields of application, such as biomethane and the biogas produced from industrial waste, treatment of waste water or the organic municipal solid waste. The new graphics and interface is suitable for any type of device (PC, tablet, mobile) and makes its navigation even more functional at retrieving content, thanks to search suggestions, intuitive video categorizationand the simplification of the categories. The new layout of the channel focuses on increasing interactivity due to direct connection with the company that is already available on the home page. In addition to the possibility of sharing content and tweeting in real time, the speaker statements in the video section allows you to put a face to the community and contact the industry’s most important experts. With this tool, you can easily reach all of the actors in the supply chain: from companies in the agriculture sector to waste disposal, to waste water associations to the research community, to policy makers, to banks and insurance companies, to financial operators. A distinctive feature of the channel is that it renews its focus regarding the international scope of contributions and visits, which makes the channel unique in its global focus. “AB believes in the importance of providing information and promoting values such as respect for the environment, energy efficiency and the use of resources” says Angelo Baronchelli, founder and president of AB, publisher of the Biogas Channel. “That is why for two years, we have published information on the Biogas Channel and theCogeneration Channel, whose mission is to create awareness about the important issues that are open to global debate. Today, with the new version of Biogas Channel, we have opened an additional challenge: to make this tool into the global benchmark of the industry.”

Biogas Channel