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"ABetter Way", AB’s rebranding confirms the extension of the range of action of the Italian multinational in the field of sustainability

26 July 2021

Orzinuovi (Bs), July 27, 2021 - AB continues the path started forty years ago alongside companies that want to increase their competitiveness by saving energy and limiting air emissions, expanding its range of action in the field of energy sustainability solutions and launching a new claim.

“ABetter Way” expresses the mission of the multinational company in Orzinuovi (Brescia, Italy - headquarters in 21 countries in different continents, more than a thousand employees, a 40,000 square meter engineering-industrial hub center, 140 engineers employed, 1,550 plants designed and built, 1,750 megawatts of power installed worldwide): to support its partners in defining a different and better way of enhancing production that boosts efficiency, increases profits and, at the same time, leads you toward sustainability. AB's leadership in the cogeneration and CCHP sector has in fact expanded in recent years also to biofuels, with systems for the biogas-to-biomethane upgrading and liquefaction in addition to air emissions treatment. The well-established experience in the field allows AB to offer the best and most suitable energy sustainability solutions for specific needs in different application areas: from the industrial to the agricultural sector, through waste treatment, greenhouses, commercial and hospital complexes, data centers and microgrids.

The company's mission is still to innovate and offer its customers the best solution through iconic products such as the ECOMAX® cogenerator and the BIOCH4NGE® biogas-to-biomethane upgrading system, the CH4LNG liquefier, the systems dedicated to the treatment of polluting and odorous emissions. The satisfaction of over 1,200 customers, at the top in their sectors, is clear proof of the value of the AB solutions.

"There is a different and at the same time unique way to support each customer in the path towards the sustainability of his/her company, which is preparatory to increasing profits, whilst taking care of the environment. AB's commitment is to suggest the best way, the "better way", in the world of energy and from today we wanted to impress and express this as a claim within our logo in order to further reinforce the message and because optimizing the way customers produce and work is our way to help build a better world” says Angelo Baronchelli, President and Founder of AB.

AB (www.gruppoab.com)

Since 1981, AB has tackled the challenges posed by energy sustainability, working alongside our customers to improve their competitiveness while saving energy and reducing emissions. From our earliest days, we have focused on innovation to develop world-class technologies and processes dedicated to transforming the world of energy. Our objective? To ensure our customers benefit from the best energy sustainability solutions available anywhere. How? By dedicating our expertise, production capacity and excellent service capabilities to the problems at hand. In the cogeneration sector, AB’s leadership team has expanded our company’s reach to encompass biofuels. We have developed advanced purification and liquefaction processes for biomethane, coupled with highly effective emissions treatment. We take pride in the “Made in Italy” level of excellence we offer. The AB Group now boasts over 1,000 employees in 20 countries throughout Europe, Russia and North and South America, with primary production and engineering centralized in a state-of-the-art industrial complex located in Orzinuovi, Province of Brescia, Italy. Our customers rely on us to develop the “better way” to support them with the skills, technologies and processes, so they perform at their best. Together, we are helping build a better world.

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