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Over 7,000 tons of biomethane/RNG per year produced by waste from 120 farms, thanks to AB technology

22 February 2023

Orzinuovi (Bs), 22 February 2023. In Italy, several companies that can be taken as reference points in the production of zero-kilometer biomethane/RNG are already active. A topic of absolute relevance a few days after the publication of the Decree issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Safety, which presented the application rules for accessing incentives for the release of biomethane/RNG into the natural gas network.

In Vicenza, the two Motta Energia and EBS plants enable, together, the production of approximately 7,000 tons of liquid biomethane/RNG per year, starting from livestock effluents (bovine manure and sewage, poultry manure) obtained from 120 farms in the area.  The bio-LNG produced is intended for the supply of heavy transport and supplies fuel to more than 200 trucks for a total distance of 100,000 kilometers per year. Both plants are owned by Iniziative Biometano: EBS is a brownfield, a reconverted biogas plant, while Motta Energia is a new-built greenfield.

 For this project, AB from Orzinuovi, a leader in energy sustainability solutions (from cogeneration to biofuels), has supplied the technologies to cover the entire biogas transformation chain into biomethane/RNG. Biogas upgrading is carried out through two BIOCH4NGE® membrane purification systems, which at full speed allow the production of a total of 1200 Sm³/h of biomethane/RNG. The two CH4LNG® liquefactors, based on the Stirling technology, subsequently enable the transformation of purified LNG into liquid LNG, while the two ECOMAX® cogenerators, which can be fed both with biogas and natural gas, produce energy to support other processes, meeting the sustainability requirements and at the same time guaranteeing the best economic performance.

This example of circular economy applied to the agricultural world makes it possible to fully exploit all the supply chain waste which, in addition to becoming a green fuel produced at kilometer zero, also generates fertilizer. The residual digestate from the anaerobic digestion process, in fact, can be used as a fertilizer to replace chemicals, often imported which, in addition to being of excellent quality, is able to enrich the soil with organic and nutrient substances, contributing considerably to the capture and storage of carbon in the soil.

Watch the video of the plant’s virtuous cycle -> http://bit.ly/3EwyODg
Find out more about biomethane/RNG production technologies -> http://bit.ly/3ZuAaqf

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