20 December 2016

WHP Project – Workplace Health Promotion

13 December 2016, WHP Project - Workplace Health Promotion, Brescia

AB has been awarded on Tuesday, December 13 at AIB, together with other 45 workplaces, for joining the WHP project – Workplace Health Promotion – the network of companies, coordinated by ATS Brescia in cooperation with AIB, who commit to promote workers’ health by following a concrete project. AB is one of the companies that have joined the project and have been awarded. To welcome the many speakers were Marco Bonometti – Chairman of AIB and Giuseppe Pasini – Vice President of AIB Environment, Sefety and Social Responsability, has always been in the frontline to support the initiative, and Carmelo Scarcella – General Manager of ATS Brescia. Among the speakers also Roberto Lucchini – Associate Professor of Occupational Medicine at the University of Brescia and Pietro Apostoli – Professor of Occupational Medicine at the University of Brescia.

Main actors of the event, which was held in the Sala Beretta of AIB, were also the municipalities of Brescia who are committed to the same goal.


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