23 May 2017


13 June 2017 - 13 June 2017, II TAPPA TOUR RECUPERO ENERGIA 2017, Erba (CO), Italy

The event will take the form of a series of conferences aimed at companies but also at industry professionals, engineers and experts. During the day the partner companies will present their solutions for improving the energy efficiency and recovery of companies in the pharmaceuticals sector. The concept of Smart Energy will be explained in addition to how Industry 4.0 makes it possible to ensure the safe functioning of plants. One or two case studies will be illustrated by businesses in the sector which will highlight and explain the results they have achieved. A moderator will supplement the presentations with fiscal and economic content before coordinating a closing debate in which a panel of journalists will have the opportunity to interrogate the speakers on the various issues covered.

AB will be participating as partner during this 2nd stage of the tour that will take place in Erba, where Sales Manager Andrea Magioncalda will make a speech entitled “Cogeneration and trigeneration: savings and competitiveness for businesses”, also illustrating some case studies.


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