15 January 2015

ICAM: A more efficient chocolate production thanks to AB trigeneration

For over 60 years, ICAM has ben the global spokesman for the art of Italian chocolate. Passion is certainly the soul of this company, but not the only significant element: creativity, the techniques, technolgy and focus on market trends help to create the opinion that Lecco produced chocolate receives from consumers around the world. The Orsenigo establistment desigend to market products of excellent quality, guarantteing seamless integration into the territory in which it entered thanks to efficient utilization of energy. Precisely for this reason, ICAM has decided to rely on AB trigeneration, which uses a system that can produce electricity, heat and cooling to meet the specific production needs of the chocolate industry.
Watch the interview of Antonello Ercole, Industrial Director of ICAM, which available at the link below or on www.cogenerationchannel.com

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