21 July 2016

Hospira and AB: cogeneration for the pharmaceutical industry

Hospira, member of the Pfizer group and world leader in the production, processing and distribution of healthcare products, demonstrates forward-thinking by showing a strong commitment not only towards the health and wellbeing of the entire community, but also to the improvement of the performance of its own factories in terms of efficiency, environment, health and safety. For this reason, given the increased consumption of power and heat energy required for the production processes and with a view to streamlining the use of energy from fossil fuels, Hospira relies on industry leader AB for installation of a new cogeneration plant near the manufacturing site in Liscate (Milan).
The activity of the plant in Liscate is aimed at producing injectable and biosimilar drugs as well as infusion pumps and kits. The plant, an ECOMAX® 20 HE, ran on methane gas, is a modular solution in a container, with nominal total power at full capacity equal to 2004 kW and with a total heat input of 4,477 kW. The power produced by the new plant will be used in its entirety for satisfying the energy demands of the complex. The heat produced will also be used in its entirety for the energy demands of the complex in the form of hot, 85°C water and saturated steam, at 8 bar. The unit will be operational roughly 8340h/yr. Within the flue-gas circuit a fume pipe exchanger has been installed to generate vapour used by the company for its own productive ends. The new plant will save tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.
The plant can be considered “high-efficiency CHP” in the sense that it allows to obtain a primary energy saving (PES) of at least 10% compared to separated production, and it has been designed to extensively respect the emission limits for gas engines.

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