07 August 2017

Energy efficiency for greenhouses in the UK: Sandylands Nurseries

R&L Holt is a family-owned company that has been growing tomatoes since 1980.
The company currently owns 22 acres of land near Evesham on which the tomatoes are grown in three greenhouses. FREDA is the name it has given to a new 8,500 m2 greenhouse at Sandylands. This is a modern greenhouse with LED artificial lighting in which non-genetically modified tomatoes are grown using natural methods.
AB has made all this possible with the installation of a cogeneration plant with motor to meet the requirement for heat, to enable the lights to be turned on in the winter and to satisfy CO2 emissions standards. The recorded electrical efficiency is 42%, with a production of 1.5 MWh and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, thus enabling R&L Holt to become one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in its sector.

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