24 June 2015

Dung transforms into energy: electrical, thermal and creative

The Castelbosco farm in the province of Piacenza is dedicated to milk production. In particular, it produces Grana Padano and hosts 2,500 selected cattle that produce about 300 tons of milk and 1,000 tons of dung each day. A quantity of the organic material under the management Gianantonio Locatelli, the company’s owner, has transformed into an industrial project of the future, with the technological support of AB. He discusses the cogeneration from biogas, as well as ecological and cultural, with the recent opening of the “Shit Museum”.
In the halls of the Castle Museum, a few works from the private collection of Gianantonio Locatelli are also housed, which will be set in rotation as yet another reminder of the metamorphic ideas and cycles that are appropriate for corporate vision and culture. Those works are not only metaphorically related to “recycling”, but are also in some extent related to agriculture, husbandry, the processing of manure and energy production. It is through AB that Locatelli knows of this idea of reuse and it has always been ingrained within the agricultural world: in this case the manure becomes something new and produces innovation. The dung in this case becomes heat and power through AB’s modules, and culture with the “Museum of Shit”.
Video tour of the museum is available at the link below or on www.biogaschannel.com

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