19 June 2017

Denso Thermal Systems has chosen AB cogeneration for its automotive division

Denso Thermal Systems produces heat exchangers and plastic components for cars at its facilities in Avellino (Italy). The company has installed a 2 MW trigeneration plant to reduce energy costs and limit the environmental impact of its production processes. By using this plant the firm has been able to produce half of its own electricity requirements. In its first year of use the plant achieved an overall yield of 75%, with a consequent 40% reduction in electrical power use, a financial saving of around 700,000 euros and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.
The thermal and refrigeration energy produced by the cogeneration system is channelled into various uses, including heating for the production units during the colder periods of the year. The refrigeration energy, on the other hand, feeds the cooling systems for thermoplastic moulds, oils and thermoplastic presses, and is also used for air conditioning in the offices and service areas. In view of the results achieved, its associate company in Turin has also decided to install a cogeneration plant.

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