10 October 2017

Energy from agricultural and food waste thanks to AB cogeneration from 4,000 french households.

We take you on a visit to Méta Bio Energies (Suez group), which since 2012 has been specialising in the exploitation for energy of agricultural and food waste, manure for composting and green waste from the community. The company benefits from two biogas plants of 1 MW and 900 kW respectively. It produces 40 MW of electricity per day (corresponding to the annual consumption of 4,000 households) that is sold to the grid; the thermal energy produced, on the other hand, is used by a nearby company for energy recycling. Biogas has enabled a reduction of over 5,000 tons in CO2 production, equivalent to the consumption of more than 2,000 vehicles, and has led to the creation of 15 jobs.

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