27 June 2017

BNL in Rome is backing trigeneration to reduce its energy consumption by 40%

BNL, BNP Paribas Group, is one of the largest banking groups in Italy. BNL’s headquarters in Rome has chosen high-yield cogeneration to reduce its operating costs. Since 2014 the site, which accounts for 16% of the entire company’s energy consumption, has been equipped with a 2 MW trigeneration plant enabling the thermal vector to be used throughout the year. With an average 98% availability, the installation has guaranteed BNL a 40% reduction in the unit cost of energy and a saving of about 100t of CO2 a year. This project is part of an initiative to use renewable energy within the company. The thermal energy produced is used constantly, for heating rooms in the winter and for cooling in the summer. In spring and autumn the absorber enables BNL to maintain the correct temperature in the data centre, achieving a 40% reduction in unit energy costs and avoiding the emission of around 100 tonnes of CO2 a year into the environment.

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