16 September 2019

EBA Annual Conference

19 September 2019, EBA Annual Conference , Brussels, Belgium

AB will be sponsor of the European Biogas Conference 2019, that will take place on 19 September in Brussels, Belgium. Every year, this conference organized by the EBA provides a platform for discussion on the latest developments of the biogas and biomethane sectors in Europe. On this occasion, EBA will also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the association.

The European Biogas Conference has become a landmark event for the biogas sector in Europe.

Since its first edition in 2012 the EBA conference has been growing and is now a leading conference on anaerobic digestion and gasification.

During the 2019 edition, they will present EBA goals for the next decade, discuss about the importance of securing green energy supply in Europe, the role of biogas in providing sustainable solutions for the energy and the agricultural sectors and the development of biomethane as advanced biofuel.

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