07 October 2015

AB’s cogeneration systems enable further reduction of costs and emissions at Becromal

AB’s cogeneration is the ideal solution for energy-intensive production processes as used by Becromal, a key player in the world market of aluminum foils for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This type of foil production requires large amounts of electricity and thermal energy generated by a cogeneration system already installed at Becromal’s factory in Rozzano near Milan, and by a second system starting up there in these days.
In recent years, Becromal has paid special attention to the environment, increasing levels of energy efficiency and process optimisation to be even more competitive. In Becromal’s factory in Rozzano, the foils of raw aluminium undergo a multi-stage electrochemical process that requires a considerable use of electricity and heat.
This is why AB’s cogeneration system proved to be the ideal solution: AB’s first installation, an ECOMAX® 33 HE, covered only 60% of the electricity needs and 40% of the heating requirement (thermal oil and hot water). Its second cogeneration system, again an ECOMAX® 33 HE, which will be started in these days, will reach 100% of the electricity and thermal requirements, making the system energy-independent. From an economic point of view, the operation of the second cogenerator enables Becromal to almost halve its costs for electricity in Rozzano.
This results in cost-savings of over 300,000 Euros per month, and return on investment can be expected in less than 2 years. The new system also offers benefits from an environmental standpoint: the Rozzano factory is located in an urbanized area with high restrictions concerning emissions. AB’s cogeneration system allows Becromal to fully meet the required standards by lowering CO2 emissions into the air by several tons per year thanks to the fact that the boilers, once utilised to produce hot water and thermal oil, have been put out of use.

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