19 May 2015

AB’s cogeneration for the green policies of Pizzoli

Pizzoli, leader in the production and distribution of fresh and frozen potatoes, shows how cogeneration can be the best solution for the energy efficiency of the food industry. The company, which has always been attentive to environmental policies and sustainability, has chosen to use our technology and install a cogeneration plant. This practical solution allows the facility in Budrio (BO) to produce electricity and heat in an environmentally sustainable way.

The plant
The plant, an ECOMAX® 20 HE, is a modular container powered by natural gas. It has a total full load rating currently of 2,004 kWe, with co-generated thermal power equal to 1,893 kW, with reference to a potential thermal power introduction of 4,604 kW. It produces electricity that is used to meet the energy needs of the plant; the co-generated thermal energy is technologically exploited for the production of hot water (about 90°C) and steam (approximately 16 barg). With the new plant, in operation since January 2015, Pizzoli will benefit from an estimated savings of approximately 2,000 tons of CO2 emitted per year and an operationally uptime at about 6,800 hours/year.
The choice of Pizzoli to entrust AB with the construction of a cogeneration plant within its main manufacturing facility has proved to be a winning one, with tangible economic and environmental results.

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