03 February 2015

AB: new branches in the US and Israel

During the Kick-Off, traditionally appointed to the start of the year, two new branches in the United States and Israel were officially opened as part of the international growth policy of AB. These two opening have sped up the overall status of these two countries: according to recent estimates by the International Monetary Fund, these two entities will record growth in 2015 of 3.6% and 2.8%. AB Energy USA LLC was established on 26 November 2014 with headquarters in New Jersey and the installed systems for greenhouse/hot houses are already gaining strength. The US, the world’s leading industrial power, accounts for a huge potential in the cogeneration market given the policy of re-industrialization strongly supported by Obama, with particular and inevitable attention to energy efficiency. In the complex regulatory environment that nevertheless supports cogeneration, look to future installations as a force for greater economic competitiveness in different industrial sectors, a general lowering of greenhouse gas emissions and an improvement in the resiliency of the country’s energy. AB Energy Israel was incorporated on 8 December 2014, with AB Holding owning a 60% stake and ITEEO, a company of emerging engineering, holding a 40% stake; they were engaged within the territory in the development of thermodynamics and cogeneration plants in various industrial sectors. The discover a few years ago of two major natural gas fields off the coast of Israel is allowing Israel to be more independent for their energy. Infrastructure to allow such utilization is being built and this publicly permits the possibility of developing a cogeneration sector. “As is the custom, we start from our Kick-Off with renewed enthusiasm and awareness in the media, focusing once again on the value of human capital of our business and, above all, the younger generation in Italy and in the world who can be the real engine of growth,” says Angelo Baronchelli, founder and president of AB. “2015 starts with a new and extensive organizational structure that, through our combined presence, we will see see increasing players in the global market; and new openings in the US and Israel will further strengthen our policy of internationalization, in line with the path outlined in these years. Our large family, which is now exceeding 500 combined internationally, is enriched with the new branches opened by having two new teams that have a proven track record in the industry to continue to offer the world, our reference point, a unique, excellent product and service.”

Press Release