05 November 2018

AB moves into basketball

AB, the world leader in the cogeneration sector, makes its significant entrance as a “Premium Sponsor” on the court in Vanoli Cremona for the LBA Serie A PosteMobile 2018-2019.

 “We are happy to collaborate with Vanoli Basket Cremona, a club that conveys healthy athletic values and whose mission we share in full,” said Angelo Baronchelli, President of AB. “The club’s focus on the area and young talent, daily challenges on the court, planning to achieve results, respect for one’s teammates as well as opponents are values ​​that our company shares. In a period such as this, being able to ‘team up’ by enhancing talents and skills can be very positive, both as regards sports and the company”.

 “We are very satisfied“, said President Aldo Vanoli, “to have succeeded in involving a prestigious company in our area that represents excellence in the sector at an international level”.