17 March 2015

AB and Granarolo, an Italian synergy that excels in the name of energy efficiency

Continuing to grow and develop internationally by firmly maintaining the principles of high quality and “Italianity” through a green policy linked to energy efficiency: these are the common denominators of the AB and Granarolo companies. Given the high cost of electricity and the thermal energy required by the production process, and in order to rationalize the use of fossil fuels, cause cost savings and improve environmental conditions related greenhouse gases, the Granarolo SPA has recently installed two AB cogeneration plants at the production sites of Pasturago di Vernate (MI) and Gioia del Colle (BA). The agro-food industry’s supply chain is in fact one of the largest consumers of thermal and electrical energy. This has a significant impact in terms of their environmental cost. Cogeneration is the ideal solution to meet the needs of these entities. Granarolo SPA, the largest agro industrial operator in the country that uses Italian capital, is growing both domestically and internationally. It pays great attention to quality and the excellence of its products as well as to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Therefore, it chose AB, the international leader in the cogeneration sector, to design and build two cogeneration plants at production sites of Pasturago di Vernate, near Milan, and Gioia del Colle, in the province of Bari. The electricity produced by the two plants will be fully used by manufacturing thermal energy, with considerable savings economic costs and atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gas. For the two plants in question, it is estimated to be a total savings of around 5,800 tons/year of CO2 emissions. Plant Pasturago di Vernate (MI), aimed at the production and packaging of fresh milk, cream, yogurt, desserts and UHT milk, installed an ECOMAX® 33 HE, fueled by natural gas. A modular container, with a total current full load rating of 3,354 kWe and with total heating capacity of 7,674 kW, was introduced. The active plant at Gioia del Colle (BA) is aimed at the treatment and packaging of fresh pasteurized milk and the UHT brans, Pearl and Granarolo. Here, an ECOMAX® 10 NGS was installed that is fueled by natural gas. The modular containers, with a total full load rating of 1,063 kWe currently, has introduced a total thermal power of 2,673 kW.

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