03 August 2015

AB and Cartiera di Momo: cogeneration makes the papermaking industry energy efficient

AB’s cogeneration is confirmed as the ideal choice to benefit both the environment and the business, and as the perfect solution for energy-intensive sectors such that of paper-cardboard-coated cardboard production. Due to high amounts of power and heat consumed by the specific production processes of the sector, and in light of the financial turmoil characterized by high cost of energy sources in recent years, especially in Italy, Momo SpA’s Executive Team decided to rely upon AB’s leadership to install a plant from the ECOMAX® Natural Gas line in the Momo (Novara) production facility.
The ECOMAX® 33 HE plant is fueled by natural gas, is modular and features a full load power rating of 3,352 kWe, with co-generated thermal power equal to 3,420 kW, in reference to a thermal power input of 7,674 kW. The cogenerated electricity is totally consumed in the factory, net of CHP plant’s own consumption, and any surplus is sold to the distribution network.
In addition to ensuring energy supply cost control, CHP has allowed Cartiera di Momo to become partially or even totally independent from external electricity distribution. The system’s electrical output, in addition to almost completely covering the facility’s own energy requirements, can produce steam and hot water to be used on site. With the new system, Cartiera di Momo spares the environment about 4,800 t of CO2 per year and achieves approximately 8,200 operation hours per year.

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