18 May 2017


08 June 2017 - 08 June 2017, 9° GIORNATA SULL'EFFICIENZA ENERGETICA, Milano, Italy

The conference is aimed at operators in the energy sector and plant engineers and seeks to provide an overview of how operators are working to achieve high-efficiency objectives and make plants increasingly competitive. The debate will cover issues such as: energy efficiency through the transformation of plants with the application of innovative elements; mandatory energy audits by 2019 and, as a result, the collection of data by 2018; the financing of energy saving initiatives; the ‘super amortisation’ rates of 140% and 250% with 4.0 technologies.

The day will begin with a number of presentations that give participants an overview of the energy market and its near future with remarks on technology progress and the way leading companies are following its evolution. These will be followed by industry presentations of solutions or components that support, or will support, the development indicated in the title of the conference.

As event sponsor, AB will contribute to this end with a speech by Sales Director Airoldi entitled “Cogenerating to compete: choosing industry 4.0″. 

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