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AB obtains the Top Employers Certification for the third year in a row!

18 January 2024

It is with great pride that we announce this ambitious result again: only 147 companies operating in Italy have obtained the Top Employers Italy 2024 certification – and the AB Group is one of them. For the third year in a row, we have reached this important milestone, meeting the increasingly strict criteria imposed by the HR Best Practices Survey.

The survey assesses 250 HR practices and policies including: People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent, Learning, Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion

If we have managed to grow in terms of our HR practices on different levels, it is thanks to the synergistic work carried out by everyone involved.

In the HR field, we have a series of new projects underway and open construction sites that we are working on. Sustainability is an integral part of AB’s DNA and culture. Driven by this -, we are reviewing all our HR processes in terms of sustainable development: the recruiting and onboarding process with the aim of improving the overall candidate experience, from the first contact with the Company to its cultural and organizational integration; as well as the development process based on the foundations of self-learning that empowers people towards their own development. With our Sustainability Talks, we initiated a series of initiatives to foster awareness and aggregation.

Another recent initiative is the Knowledge Transfer Program, inspired by the need to promote the transfer of knowledge between colleagues and departments, supported by a platform relying on Artificial Intelligence.

Other business units have also competed and will compete to obtain the Top Employer certification.

The Legal department, in collaboration with HR, is working on a new edition of the Code of Ethics, again within a sustainability framework.

The HSE function, instead, is committed to sustainability initiatives with the WHP project, aimed at promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles, fostering a healthy and safe working environment for all staff, also to promote social well-being. The WHP is working to increase the synergy with other active projects, for example, in the field of inclusion. A new development in 2024 will be our involvement in a preventative behavior initiative: the promotion of organized cancer screenings.

AB looks to the future with great determination. The HR function is ready to start the new certification process as early as May 2024. We are firmly convinced that this step will allow us to grow further as a team, making our Company more sustainable, as well as closer to the needs of people and the environment. Only by continuing to address the issue of sustainability – not only as a legal obligation, but as an integral part of our vision and way of operating – can we achieve truly great results.

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