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ABetter Way! AB Energy USA proud to announce first BIOGAS-TO-RNG UPGRADING Project in the UNITED STATES

11 July 2022

AB Energy USA is thrilled to announce our first US-based dairy-farm biogas-to-RNG plant using our innovative BIOCH4NGE system. 

BerQ RNG – based in Oakville, Ontario and with operations across the North-Eastern United States, as well as Ontario & Quebec, has selected BIOCH4NGE for it’s latest RNG project in New York State. Pooling the resources from multiple farms, this development will soon see the anaerobic digestion of cow manure to produce over 100,000 MMBtu of carbon neutral biogas annually – the equivalent removal of almost 5,500 mt CO2 each year. AB Energy’s BIOCH4NGE® Upgrading system was chosen to condition and upgrade the biogas to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), feed the local grid and help local businesses and residents achieve a lower carbon footprint with biomethane.

“AB Energy’s global experience and decades of engineering and market expertise in biogas-to-energy systems was a convincing factor in selecting BIOCH4NGE as the technology of choice for this project. And AB’s local and global service and support teams, with warehousing and technical staff available 24/7 assures us that our plant will remain up and running, delivering valuable and clean RNG for the life of the project” say Keith Derrington, Executive VP at BerQ RNG. 

Dan White, General Manager of AB Energy USA, adds “RNG development is an incredibly important pathway in replacing fossil fuels with carbon-zero biofuels. The cooperation in this project between the talented team at BerQ RNG and their vision, along with AB’s experience at building, executing and servicing bioenergy projects truly is a better way to a clean energy future”.

With operations expected to start in Q1 2023, this is indeed an exciting step in the continued success of the AB Energy team and our renewable energy technologies, with BIOCH4NGE leading the charge.



The   BIOCH4NGE® system is the culmination of nearly four decades of advancements from the experience AB has acquired in the global biogas and cogeneration sectors. BIOCH4NGE® is compact, modular, easily scalable, versatile in application, and exceptional in its ability to upgrade and purify raw biogas into RNG at a low cost of operation, with a high reliability.

At its core, BIOCH4NGE®employs advanced membrane technology to separate methane from the water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other impurities found in biogas. Raw “wet” biogas flowing from anaerobic digesters enters the first stage of the BIOCH4NGE®process, where

primary filtration followed by a chilled water exchanger condenses water vapor to dehumidify the biogas. This gas is compressed, cooled by a second heat exchanger, and delivered under strict temperature and pressure conditions to gas-conditioning, or polishing vessels. These vessels “strip” the gas of residual hydrogen sulfide and VOCs using activated carbon. The purified biogas is compressed and passed through AB’s proprietary membrane system to separate the carbon dioxide and methane components. 

The upgraded methane gas stream, now equivalent (or even better) in quality to natural gas, exits the process ready for beneficial re-use as RNG, R-CNG or BioLNG. AB designs & builds each BIOCH4NGE®system to a rigorous in-house quality control standard to ensure compliance with all local health & safety codes, as well as US and North American standards. All systems are pre-tested, with AB service personnel and commissioners already involved at a factory level, saving clients time, costs and avoidable start-up challenges. 

 For more information and to get the full story on how BIOCH4NGE® can improve operational performance while saving you money for your existing or planned RNG facility, please contact:

Mark Ahrendt –Key Account Manager North America: mark.ahrendt@gruppoab.com  or rng.na.sales@gruppoab.com

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