BIOCH4NGE® is the innovative system created by AB to produce biomethane using biogas derived from the anaerobic digestion of biomass, agri-food waste, organic refuse and waste water.

BIOCH4NGE® is a biogas and biomethane upgrading system, highly industrialized, compact, versatile, modular and high-performance

Biogas produced by an anaerobic digester is full of water and pollutants that have to be removed to ensure that the upgrading system works correctly, producing biomethane suitable for feeding into the network.  The first stage of the process carries out this purification.

The flow is initially treated in the “Biogas Treatment” system with a first filtration process along with the elimination of the water, which is condensed by cooling with a purpose-designed chilled water exchanger. The dehumidified gas is compressed, cooled further by a second exchanger and sent to the next treatment phase. This uses activated carbons under optimal pressure and temperature conditions. By passing through the bed of activated carbons the biogas is purified of any remaining pollutants (H2S, VOCs). The “Lead-Lag” configuration of the carbons provides maximum flexibility through a series of valves to enable inverted flows and the bypassing and sectioning of the individual filter, thus ensuring reliability and continuity of service. The pre-treated and purified biogas is then ready for the upgrading process itself, i.e. the separation of methane from carbon dioxide: the gas is compressed to enable it to pass through several stages of membranes separating the CO2 from the CH4. In this way the process is optimised in terms of energy consumption and enables the production of biomethane with characteristics as needed for different uses, maximising efficiency in recovering CH4 from the biogas.


For AB sustainability is a high-priority and unceasing commitment.