Cogeneration from special gases: transforming needs into opportunities

The cogeneration of special gases is a strategic advantage for exploration and production activities. In particular, oil wells naturally contain gas, above all methane.

Associated petroleum gas (API) is a problem during oil well production, because it is released at pressure and so can saturate the production area, causing environmental damage. To eliminate this gas, it is often burnt at the flare, but there is also a great opportunity to control and manage it, in particular using it to operate cogeneration plants powered by these special gases. The electrical energy produced by APG cogeneration can be used at the production sites, for example to operate pumping units, while the thermal energy can be used during the initial oil separation phase, when the oil has to be kept fluid to facilitate pumping operations. Cogeneration from special gases is increasingly widespread in coal mining. In this activity as well, natural gas develops which, for safety and financial reasons, can be beneficially used through cogeneration.