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Electrical & thermal energy and CO₂ to meet the energy needs of greenhouses.

ECOMAX® Greenhouse combines the principles of versatility, modularity and compactness with high energy performance, ideal for meeting the efficiency needs of a newly built or already operational greenhouse. 

The ECOMAX® Greenhouse solution offers cogeneration plants that guarantee the production of electricity, thermal energy and CO₂.

Electricity can be used for the artificial lighting of the greenhouse or fed into the distribution network. The heat allows the production of hot water, at high or low temperature, used for the heating and air conditioning of the buildings. The CO₂ contained in the exhaust gases, once purified and cooled, can act as a fertilizer, favoring the growth of plants.

Exhaust fumes also actively contribute to the production of energy for greenhouses: once purified with specific catalytic converters, they are cooled by a heat exchanger to a temperature of about 55°C and sent to the greenhouse for CO₂ enrichment, while a special device constantly monitors the level, to ensure maximum safety of the vegetation.


Turn-key solution

Each plant is the result of a multidisciplinary commitment to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the products, which meet all the energy needs of a greenhouse in a single solution.

Fertilization with CO₂

The exhaust gases from the engine pass through a purification system to provide CO₂ for fertilizing the crops. From these same gases, through the exchangers, useful heat is recovered to heat the greenhouse itself.

Supervision and control

Each plant is equipped with a supervision system and control panels, to monitor the system installed in the greenhouse, check the parameters and check for any anomalies.

Progressive light

ECOMAX® has a progressive light control system inside the greenhouse, which allows the customer to adjust the lights at will according to specific needs.

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ECOMAX® Catalog

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