Industrial cogeneration: ideal for energy-intensive companies

Industrial cogeneration is the ideal choice for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy in numerous sectors, in particular for “energy-intensive” companies that require a significant production of heat on an continual basis, and use a considerable amount of electricity. Industrial cogeneration levers the benefits of the simultaneous production of these two energy carriers, starting from a single source – natural gas, and in an integrated system: the cogeneration plant.

In the sector of industrial cogeneration, AB plant engineering solutions offer particular benefits: compact, versatile and capable of delivering a high performance and the utmost reliability. Since 1981, AB has partnered industries wanting to improve their competitiveness, while saving energy and reducing their emissions into the environment.

AB’s industrial cogeneration plants can deliver optimal energy efficiency results, with a continual, safe flow of electrical and thermal energy. The satisfaction of leading companies is the best proof of the value of investing in natural gas cogeneration with AB, a partner that can guarantee technological quality and a quantifiable performance.


Primary energy savings of 30%

“Cogeneration is a real lever for growth, an opportunity for different industrial and commercial sectors in a competitive, globalized environment”.