AB has prepared its own MOG 231 as a dynamic system, designed to be updated and supplemented whenever necessary. In order to prevent the commission of crimes mentioned in the standard, the principles and provisions of the MOG 231 must be respected by all AB staff, employees, senior management, persons who hold positions of representation, administration, members of the Board and all other persons whoare involved in various ways(customers, suppliers, partners, employees, etc.).

AB has entrusted the task of supervising the functioning and compliance with the MOG 231, and its updating, to a body with independent powers of initiative and control: the Supervisory Board (SB).

The MOG AB 231 is comprised of a General Part, a Special Section and 3 attachments:

  • Ethical Code
  • Disciplinary System
  • Supervisory Regulation

“The AB Model 231 is a coherent set of principles, procedures and measures that affect the internal functioning of the Group and the manner in which it has relations with the outside world”.