Amadori’s biogas cogeneration plants

Cogeneration is strategic for the food industry. Considering the specific energy-intensive nature of the sector, cogeneration is an ideal solution for the food industry, because waste from the production chain can also be used to produce biogas.


With six technologically advanced facilities, the Amadori Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the poultry sector. It manages the entire integrated production chain, guaranteeing the origin of raw material and control of the production cycle.


At the six sites of the Amadori Group in Italy, considerable attention is paid to energy efficiency and environmental protection. This “green economy” philosophy is part of an energy efficiency plan that Amadori has developed in biogas cogeneration.


At the Mosciano Sant’Angelo (Teramo) site, Amadori decided to install an Ecomax® 6 BIO cogeneration plant, powered by biogas obtained from the anaerobic digestion of fats, proteins and residues of breadcrumbs, containing oil and residual bread from fryers. At the Cesena plant, Amadori has an Ecomax®11 BIO cogeneration plant, which uses the biogas produced from processing waste. Both of Amadori’s Ecomax® Biogas plants produce thermal energy used 100% at the site and electrical energy which is put on the national grid.