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10 reasons to be part of AB, do you want to make a difference with us?

“If we look at the past, we can proudly say that we have already faced and won numerous challenges. Today, AB is a leader in the field of energy sustainability solutions with technologies that contribute to a more virtuous management of energy, which reduce consumption and waste for the benefit of the competitiveness of companies and the environment. We are determined to continue on this path of growth, always aimed at innovation and excellence, but we want to do so while remaining faithful to our original values, continuing to combine ideals and concreteness, evaluating, at every step, the real consequences of each of our decisions. I am convinced that economic goals must be achieved within a system based on putting people at the centre. In a work group it is important to share objectives, identify the path, define clear roles and responsibilities, valuing each subject, but – and I learned this in my family – it is fundamental to trust each other. "

Angelo Baronchelli - AB Group President

The value of corporate social responsibility

We have rethought what’s important to us in the Candidate Experience and we want it to be a journey of progressive knowledge of the company for you, satisfactory and exhaustive in all its phases, regardless of the result of the recruitment process.

You'll hear us talk about cultural traits that characterise our employees. Concrete and proven values that you will train and put into practice by joining our team.

Real working tools, which we hope can become yours, experimenting with them as a means to grow professionally and to succeed. We want to stand out by conveying to the people who come into contact with us one of our most important values: ethics.

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Candidate-Employee Experience

We value uniqueness to identify and develop the talent of each individual

We believe that the maximum benefit for the Company and for people is obtained by developing the talent that is in each person, rather than focusing on attracting and nurturing people with a particular ability (the so-called “talents”). We aim to identify the specific talent that is present in each person, the particular ability – sometimes hidden – that everyone has. We intend to implement the organisational and material conditions necessary so that this special ability can be developed and enhanced. At the same time, we are constantly looking for people who express new skills and professionalism on the market.

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