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AB: the “Better Way” to achieve energy sustainability

Since 1981, AB has tackled the challenges posed by energy sustainability, working alongside our customers to improve their competitiveness while saving energy and reducing emissions. 

From our earliest days, we have focused on innovation to develop world-class technologies and processes dedicated to transforming the world of energy.  

Our objective? To ensure our customers benefit from the best energy sustainability solutions available anywhere.  

How? By dedicating our expertise, production capacity and excellent service capabilities to the problems at hand. 

In the cogeneration sector, AB’s leadership team has expanded our company’s reach to encompass biofuels. We have developed advanced purification and liquefaction processes for biomethane, coupled with highly effective emissions treatment. 

We take pride in the “Made in Italy” level of excellence we offer. The AB Group now boasts over 1,000 employees in 20 countries throughout Europe, Russia and North and South America, with primary production and engineering centralized in a state-of-the-art industrial complex located in Orzinuovi, Province of Brescia, Italy. 

The AB Group is composed as follows:

AB HOLDING is the parent company

AB ENERGY is the Italian commercial subsidiary that coordinates the sales and assistance activities for Italy, to which a widespread network of foreign subsidiaries that oversee each specific market is added.

AB ENGINEERING, with over 140 engineers, is dedicated to planning all the activities related to implementing the customized solutions to meet the needs of the final customer.

AB IMPIANTI deals with every single construction aspect to set up the plant.

AB FIN-SOLUTION focuses on the operating lease of machinery and offers users in every sector the possibility to lease an AB plant.

AB GRADE, a true center of excellence which develops innovative energy transition technologies, deals with research and development. The commitment to applied research is confirmed by DOABLE, a technological hub dedicated to digitalization of processes.

AB AMBIENTE, on the other hand, is an agricultural company based in Orzinuovi (Italy) where biogas and biomethane production plants are in operation. The company serves as a privileged environment for directly experimenting and testing solutions focused on circular economy

The organization of the Group is completed by AB SERVICE, the company dedicated to after-sales assistance and maintenance of AB plants around the world, thanks also to the latest technologies developed by Industry 4.0.

plants installed in the world

employees who work in the various companies of the Group

countries in the world where AB has direct branches

single interlocutor for design, construction and maintenance

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AB Facts & Figures


AB was born in 1981 from an idea of the young electro-technical specialist Angelo Baronchelli, still President of the Group.

Angelo Baronchelli, the founder of AB

Born into a family of farmers from Orzinuovi, in the province of Brescia, he has contributed to the family economy since childhood. Thanks to his experience in the family business and his training as an electro-technical expert, he matures the ideas and beliefs that still accompany him today and that gave birth to AB.

The early career as an entrepreneur

Angelo soon joined his father in running the farm, but it was only after his diploma as an electro-technical expert, obtained in Cremona, that he decided to embark on a new path: just 21 years old, in 1981, he starts a business project that follows his entrepreneurial vision.

The birth of AB

In the 1980s, AB built electrical and automation systems for the agricultural and livestock context. In 1996, with the foundation of AB Impianti, the design of ECOMAX® methane and biogas cogeneration system began, integrating all its components into a container.


AB's internationalization process began in 2007, with the opening of the first foreign branch in Spain, in Madrid, which will be followed over the years by the establishment of other companies, up to the current presence in over 20 national markets worldwide, from Europe to North and South America.

The Digital Energy Revolution

In 2018 AB declares its vocation for the future of research and development and innovation with the inauguration of DOABLE, the hub for digitalization. It is one of the first laboratories in the world capable of applying new digital solutions dedicated to energy sustainability. 

Biofuels and treatment of emissions

In 2019, AB launches BIOCH4NGE®, the innovative upgrading system from biogas to biomethane for producing biofuels for the transport sector. In the same year, with the strategic acquisition of a company in the sector, it extends its range of solutions to the sector for the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere.

40 years of AB

In 2021, AB celebrates its fortieth birthday, with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Starting from the experience of a leader in the cogeneration and renewable sources sector, it strengthens its commitment in the field of biofuels and of air emissions treatment, offering itself as a sustainability partner for companies.


Company Profile

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AB Holding S.p.a.

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