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Industrial purifiers for the abatement of complex emissions.

AB supplies an industrial purifier for the broad-spectrum abatement of complex emissions in the industrial sector.

Many industrial productions are characterized by complex pollutant emissions, i.e. composed of a mixture of different substances from a chemical-physical point of view, impossible to treat effectively in a single solution, such as synthetic resins, food and textile processing.

To these types of companies, AB offers a special combined machine which contains several emission reduction stages inside, based on specific technologies for different fractions of pollutants.

The AB purifier for complex emissions contains an electrostatic precipitator and a wet scrubber in a single structure. A special electro-filter retains substances in the form of aerosols or particulates, while pollutants in gaseous and vapor form are absorbed chemically, with ozone induction.


Easy maintenance

The purifier is equipped with a programmable washing cycle, where each phase is programmed based on the type of application: each pollutant requires appropriate washing and rinsing times and detergent concentrations.



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