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Global Adjustment Explained

• Global adjustment covers the cost of building and maintaining new electricity infrastructure in the province, including energy contracts, as well as delivering Ontario’s conservation programs;

• All Ontario electricity consumers pay for global adjustment; for mid-sized and large businesses it will appear as a separate line item on their utility bill;

• Class A customers pay GA based on their peak demand during the top five provincial peak events;

• For each MW-equivalent of grid demand reduction during the top five 2019 Ontario peak events, consumers will save over $500,000 in 2021. A 3 MW facility utilizing an Ecomax® power plant would save over $1,8M annually.

The GA challenge

• Individual peak behaviour is evolving with a longer duration and a discernable flattening and shifting

• Curtailment and arbitrage, alongside evolving consumer patterns, are driving this peak shift

• Accurately predicting the exact timing when a peak occurs becomes increasingly difficult

The ECOMAX® solution

° ECOMAX® on-site power generation can eliminate the risk of missing a peak event

° The ECOMAX® operates on expected peak days for the entire peak period from early morning until late evening

° Operation can be automated through integrated controls and dispatching software

More information

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The ECOMAX® is an adaptable solution for changing market conditions

• The ECOMAX® solution not only provides all benefits of peak-shaving, but can also be used for back-up power to provide a resilient source of power in the event of a prolonged utility outage;

• Adaptable to changing market conditions, the ECOMAX® provides continuous power whenever the cost of electricity is higher than the cost of self-generation.

The ECOMAX® allows for additional revenue streams

• Automated dispatching when HOEP is higher than the cost of self-generation;

• Participation in Demand Response programs;

• Participation in capacity auctions;

• Power quality improvements;

• Additional heat recovery for hot water, steam or chilling purposes.

Cases Histories

Total electrical power:  3.3 MW
GA Mitigation
Future Optional Heat Recovery
AB Maintenance Program Customized for GA Mitigation

Total electrical power: 8.1 MW
24/7 Runtime
Exhaust Heat Utilization Steam
Entire Installation Covered by AB Protection Plan

Benefits of continuous duty gas engine for ga displacement

Next steps and implementation timelines

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