Complete administration of the cogeneration plant: from design to installation

AB is the only industrial group in its sector able to manage the entire production cycle of a cogeneration plant, from design to production, installation, commissioning and maintenance – for the plant’s entire lifetime.

It has built up a know-how unrivalled in the sector, with a knowledge of every single detail of the cogeneration plants it has developed and installed.

The strength of AB’s business model lies in its multidisciplinary approach, with a network of relations and the exchange of expertise, in order to obtain the maximum quality in specific times, without wasting resources.

An added value which is typical of AB and is reflected in each CHP plant produced and installed.

AB covers the entire process, from design to service: the engineering department carries out a complete technical/feasibility plan; the design department deals with aspects concerning electrical, mechanical and process engineering, activating the contract management team. AB provides assistance during the project authorisation stage, after which the project goes into production.
This takes place at AB’s industrial hub in Orzinuovi, based on consolidated procedures, company expertise and using adequate resources, including an automatic state-of-the-art warehouse. AB oversees the installation stages, with hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interfacing, based on the customer’s specific needs. The entire process offers reduced installation and commissioning times.

Based on the customer’s choices and requirements, AB Service can monitor the installed plant remotely, offering service and maintenance on a 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year.