With determination, AB pursues the maximum degree of innovation and accumulates knowledge, experience and technology to address solutions to a basic human need: energy. AB contributes to building a better future by working toward a sustainable system. Our mission is to ensure that companies’ future consumption is lower, more efficient, competitive, virtuous and has the utmost care for our planet.

“Creating energy efficiency and energy distribution solutions that are reliable, sustainable and in line with the needs of customers from every sector. This is our work, these are our ethics”.

AB WAY summarizes the company’s values and codifies some basic ethical standards with the aim of guiding the choices and behaviors of all people working at AB such as customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, institutions, non-governmental organizations and all of those generally involved in the Group’s activities.
A good reputation is an essential, intangible resource for AB. Externally, it receives social praise, attracts the best human resources, satisfies markets and institutions with which it operates, is balanced with suppliers and provides reliability for third parties. The Code of Ethics is therefore based on an ideal of cooperation oriented to the protection of mutual respect and benefits the parties involved, defining the values and principles of conduct relevant to AB, forsmooth operation, reliability, and compliance with laws and regulations as well as the reputation of the company.