Cogeneration plants for Eridania: from beet to biogas

Waste from sugar processing to produce biogas and power a cogeneration plant at Eridania. Eridiana’s production facility at San Quirico Trecasali, Parma, houses its first biogas cogeneration plant, with a capacity of 999 kW, powered 75% by beet pulp and 25% by chopped corn.
Eridiana’s biogas plant is part of a business philosophy that not only concerns economic factors, but also meets a specific system of values. This vision enables Eridania Italia to rely on the highest quality and safety standards in the production process, and on safeguarding the environment.
Eridania Italia has studied business excellence tools, i.e. a number of important strategic objectives with the aim of integrating and harmonising all resources and activities in the company in a single, effective and efficient process, in which cogeneration has a strategic role.