Maintenance of cogeneration plants: a better performance and fewer machine downtimes

Choosing AB Service means developing the most adequate maintenance for cogeneration plants, obtaining the best performance in terms of availability.
Regardless of the plant type – natural gas or biogas – AB Service will protect it from failures and breakdowns, thanks to a programme of scheduled downtimes for preventive maintenance.

AB Service provides coordinated, scheduled maintenance, to get the most out of plant use.

The advantages of an integrated service are clear from when the plant is installed. AB specialists assist in the installation, following commissioning and optimising plant start-up.
Besides on-site assistance and emergency intervention, AB service, through a dedicated structure, can control the plant on a 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year, with the activation of the remote diagnostic and assistance service, by telephone and Internet.
AB Service also offers training and professional development courses to ensure the best operating capacity for customers and correct plant management and maintenance.
The assistance and maintenance agreements of plants have been studied and personalised based on customer needs, to meet their requirements, ensuring a high performance throughout the plant’s lifetime, and easier-to-predict operating costs.