Coca Cola

AB cogeneration for the partnership between Contour Global and Coca-Cola HBC

The cogeneration plant for the Coca Cola site at Oricola (Aquila) has a starring role in the efficiency and sustainability programme of the US brand’s second largest production facility in the world.


Coca-Cola HBC, world leader in beverages and ContourGlobal, an international leader in the energy sector, have entered into an agreement to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of Coca Cola’s more energy-intensive production sites.


Cogeneration was selected as the ideal solution to produce electricity, steam and hot and cold water, besides offering the possibility of recovering CO2. A key element in Counter Global’s decision to lever AB’s expertise in developing the cogeneration plant for Coca Cola at its Oricola site was its intention to work with a true partner that can provide turnkey cogeneration solutions.


AB engineering, in conjunction with Contour Global, has identified the ECOMAX® 30 NGS trigeneration plant as the optimal solution. The electrical energy produced is used for the bottling lines, while the cogenerated thermal energy produces steam at 8 bar, high temperature hot water (95°) and cold water through an absorption chiller. The benefits of switching from conventional boilers to a latest-generation trigeneration plant include a considerable reduction in water use, lower environmental impact and less noise in the production area, benefitting workers.