03 listopada 2015

La Molisana: pasta on the world’s tables is even greener thanks to AB’s cogeneration

At the La Molisana factory in Contrada Colle delle Api (Campobasso, Italy), AB technicians have installed a highly efficient cogeneration system, which was developed to meet the specific needs of the factory and to be easily integrated with their existing machinery.
La Molisana has been synonymous with quality since 1912: their artisanal pasta mill is a symbol of Mediterranean flavours. The choice to use cogeneration aligns perfectly with this philosophy, which aims to ensure the excellence of the products while also keeping a close eye on the supply chain. For this reason, AB is an ideal partner for the pasta production line, because it offers a complete service which includes consulting, design, creation, installation and assistance on the plant.
The ECOMAX® 20HE cogeneration system is a modular, gas-powered container solution which provides 2,002 kWe at full capacity and recovers energy from the engine block using a plate heat exchanger to produce hot water for 856 kWt.
The exhaust gases are sent to an exchanger (120 kWt) where the hot water from the engine circuit is further heated. The hot water produced this way is used by an absorption chiller with nominal refrigerating capacity equal to 696 kWf, or alternatively by the hot water utilities in the factory.
The electricity is entirely self-consumed by the factory, with generator control set to zero exchange mode with the grid to prevent power from being transferred to the grid at night when the pasta factory is not fully operational. The thermal energy is also completely self-consumed by the pasta factory: the overheated water is used in the pasta production process, while the hot water is used for the central heating during winter months. The technological choices made have allowed high efficiency to be reached in all aspects of operation, notably reducing the emission of CO2 into the environment with a saving of many tonnes on emissions into the atmosphere.

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