02 December 2015

The first AB-GPN system in Russia: energy to light 20,000 bulbs in the Belgorod greenhouse

The first ECOMAX® Greenhouse system in Russia has been officially opened in Belgorod, the country’s leading centre of technological development in agriculture.

The electricity is used to supply energy to specially designed lamps that simulate sunlight and stimulate plant growth even in periods of low light conditions. A heat recovery system is then used to produce hot water useful for warming the greenhouse, whilst a urea catalytic converter is employed to reduce the pollutants in the waste gas emissions, which can thus be fed directly into the greenhouse, stimulating plant growth thanks to the CO2 content.

The greenhouse covers 15 hectares and is home to various types of produce, including cucumbers and tomatoes. Through the combined action of artificial lighting systems and CHP, the production plant has an available 13.5 MWe, heat and CO2; enough for continuous production all year round. In this totally energy self-sufficient greenhouse (one of very few in Russia), time is money, given the production methods: seeds are first planted in a Nursery, then the baby plants are moved into the greenhouse where they undergo a period of very rapid growth (more than 30cm a day, thanks to 17 hours of artificial light). After a few weeks, the mature vegetables are harvested, thus making room for new plants in a rotating cycle.

Self-produced electricity, using the CO2 to heat the greenhouses and fertilize crops: in short, these are the potentialities offered by CHP to those involved in greenhouse agriculture. ECOMAX® Greenhouse proves itself to be the ideal solution for new greenfield greenhouses and for existing greenhouses the world over.

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