21 September 2018

Riso Scotti, an Italian excellency in rice, chooses the energy efficiency of AB

AB and Riso Scotti, leaders in their respective sectors, share the common denominators of continuing to grow nationally and internationally by solidly maintaining the principles of high quality through a “green” policy linked to energy efficiency. In consideration of the elevated consumption of electricity and heat of production processes, and with the aim of rationalising the use of fossil energy sources with the consequent financial savings and reduction in the production of greenhouse gases, Riso Scotti, a leading group in the European rice industry, has decided to install a cogeneration plant for the production of electricity and heat, which was inaugurated in December last year at the Pavia plant.

Companies in this sector are large consumers of electricity and heat within their supply chain, which leads to significant consequences both in terms of costs and the environment; cogeneration is therefore the ideal solution to meet their needs. Riso Scotti is the parent company of a team of companies with high technological content, with some specialised in cultivation, research and experimentation, and others in the processing, transformation and marketing of rice. Tradition, technology and investments are translated into products designed for smart consumers, who are the focus of the work and research of Riso Scotti. The Group not only pays great attention to the quality and excellence of its products, but also to energy efficiency and environmental protection. It is for this reason that it has chosen AB, the sector leader at an international level, to design and build the cogeneration plant at its facility in Pavia. The electricity and heat generated will be fully used by the production site, with significant savings both at a financial level as well as the level of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

The Pavia plant
Riso Scotti operations at the Pavia plant involve the transformation, processing and marketing of rice, derivatives and by-products for its own brand as well as those of third parties. Inaugurated in December 2017, the AB ECOMAX® Natural Gas Line plant (ECOMAX® 27 NGS) is powered by natural gas and features a modular solution in containers. It offers a nominal electrical capacity of 2,679 kW and a nominal heat power of 2,446 kW, of which 1571 kW is used for the production of hot water and 875 kW for the production of steam.
Net of consumption by auxiliary equipment, the new plant produces electricity that will be fully consumed by the company’s production site. The heat produced by exhaust gases and the engine cooling system will be used in the production process, such as for the operation of dryers. Environmental Matters. The plant is equipped with a continuous analysis system of atmospheric emissions for CO, NOX, NH3, and O2 parameters, temperature, humidity, flow rate and system status, and is connected to a monitoring system capable of processing and storing the data detected.

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