ECOMAX® cogeneration plant: rational, compact, ergonomic

ECOMAX® is an idea conceived and developed in full by AB, with a cutting-edge range and application possibilities making it the technological and market leader for modern cogeneration and trigeneration plants. ECOMAX® is the engineering solution delivering unrivalled energy efficiency levels in various application sectors.

The ECOMAX® module is compact and has a minimum footprint, containing all components in an easy-to-access, ergonomic technological layout. The utmost attention has been paid to insulation, air conditioning and sound proofing, to reduce dispersion and decrease noise levels from the motor. The ECOMAX® cogeneration plant range comprises solutions available in modular packages organised into five product lines, making the AB range the most complete and defining.

ECOMAX® meets the expectations and specific needs of various companies in the manufacturing and commercial sectors, and in fact can be defined as a “made-to-measure CHP plant”. The design and engineering of products – honed from the work of AB multidisciplinary teams – takes into account specific customer needs, organising the module parts to obtain an ideal plant engineering configuration. With the ECOMAX® modular solution, electrical and thermal energy can be produced, starting from a single fossil source – natural gas.
To offer thoroughly reliable technologies, and an optimal operating performance, AB adopts specific innovative solutions that improve operating capacity for its ECOMAX® plants. For example, specific technical solutions can prevent operating problems and machine downtimes, reducing the need for maintenance.

For precise, complete and continual control of the plant and all its operating and performance parameters, AB’s engineering team has devised an integrated system, which is easy to manage even remotely from an IT platform, to monitor each sensitive element of activities. All operating and control system components are installed directly by AB technicians and are an integral part of the high level of quality that sets the ECOMAX® apart on the market. The control panels, housed in a specific air-conditioned room inside the module, ensure a convenient, immediate interface with service personnel.


More than 1250 plants have been installed by AB since 1981.

1,600 MW

As of today, AB has installed more than 1,600 MW.