04 November 2019

Cogeneration DAY MEXICO

14 November 2019, Cogeneration DAY MEXICO , Mexico

The second edition of the annual event dedicated to technology with the potential to significantly impact the future of energy in our country will take place on Friday 15 November in Mexico. A symposium set up in order to provide our energy consumers in Mexico with information on the benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), a method of generating electricity that exploits residual heat in order to use it in productive processes.

Cogeneration Day Mexico is an event for all those interested in increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring the availability and reliability of the electricity supply, such as network operators, engineering companies and regulatory bodies.

The topics covered will include:

  • Overview of the cogeneration regulatory framework in Mexico
  • Cogeneration plant business model: project feasibility, financing and implementation
  • Cogeneration applications in the Mexican market
  • Self-supply and local generation
  • Success stories

The programme will shortly be available on www.cogenerationdaymexico.com

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