The Gavazzi Farm is a perfect example to illustrate how nature and technology align to create important advantages.
The Farm features a cogeneration system that functions 365 days per year and constantly generates value from by products deriving from agricultural and animal waste.


The Casale Cremasco’s Gavazzi Farm has about 700 farm animals, with at least 300 of them at the lactating stage and 100 for breeding.
Until new legislation concerning use of animal waste went into effect, waste was consistently scattered on fields (about 60 cubic meters per day of slurry and manure), which is now no longer possible considering the finite size of fields. Hence the needs to find alternative solutions.


The objective is to make full use of bovine husbandry by-products to harness electrical and thermal energy by use of a biogas cogeneration system. Furthermore, the sale of electrical energy to the electricity distribution network also allows to obtain significant financial benefits, while thermal energy is used to heat the bio-digester, and for other production chain needs.


At the Galvazzi Farm, we installed a Red Line cogeneration module, which has been custom designed by AB to be powered by biogas produced by animal waste. In the specific case, we installed a 100 kW Red Line Ecomax® 1. The system can distribute up to 80,000 kW of electricity and 1,034,000 kWh of thermal energy annually.